Inmate Visitation

Every eligible inmate of the Sheffield City Jail, will be allowed one visitation session per week. This visitation will be considered a privilege and will be dependant upon the inmates behavior. Misbehavior by the inmate or by the population of inmates in the jail, may result in the suspension of the inmates visitation privileges either individually or as a group.


Jail visitation sessions may be cancelled or rescheduled by the Chief of Police or Jail Administrator. Jail visitation sessions are dependant upon the availability of the holding cell and the jail environment.


Each week, the inmate wanting a jail visiation session, will fill out a Visitation Request Form. The Visitation Request Form will allow the inmate to select a maximum of two people that they would like to visit with. The Visitation Request Form must be turned in to the Jail Administrator no later than 08:00 A.M. Tuesday morning. The inmate will be responsible for contacting the people that they would like to visit with. Anyone requesting to visit an inmate, will contact the Jail Administrator to schedule a visitation session. Jail visiation will be scheduled Tuesday through Friday during the Jail Administrators regular work hours. Only persons chosen by the inmate will be allowed to visit the inmate.


There will be no physical contact between inmate and visitors during the visitation session. Visitors will not be allowed to pass anything to inmates during the visitation session. Visitation will take place using the holding cell and will be dependant upon the availability of the holding cell. Prior to the visitation session, the Correctional Officer will secure the inmate in the holding cell. The inmate will be dressed in their Jail Jumpsuit.


Once the inmate is secured in the holding cell, the Correctional Officer will escort the visitors to the jail. The visitors will be able to talk to the inmate through the window in the holding cell. Visitors must be 18 years of age and must present proper indentification. All visitors will be logged on the visitation log. Visitation Sessions will last five minutes.




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