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The Officer Down Memorial Page, Inc. (ODMP) is a non-profit organization that maintains a website listing law enforcement officers, prison officers, and police K9s who have died in the line of duty.


The site lists law enforcement and prison officers from all levels of government who have died in the line of duty due to criminal violence, accident, injury, illness, or natural causes, as well as those who are killed off duty if they are targeted for their law enforcement affiliations, or if they are acting at the time in an official capacity to protect the safety or property of others.


Military investigators or special agents are included if working for official investigation services, as are other military personnel including military police and peacekeepers if they are engaged in law enforcement at the time of their deaths.


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Patrolman John Graham

End Of Watch

November 7, 1918



Chief B.B. Cox

End Of Watch

January 26, 1938



Sergeant Nick Risner

End Of Watch

October 2, 2021



Patrolman Christian Nix

End Of Watch

May 23, 2022



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